New Construction


Construction Details

A shotcrete constructed pool starts with a designed developed by our pool designers. After the design is finalized permits are pulled from the city or for commercial projects they are obtained through the Health Department. The construction process will then proceed as follows:

1. Pre-Construction Meeting & Layout – A representative from Caribbean Creations will meet with the homeowner to go over the layout of the pool and/or spa. They will go over areas that will be damaged and areas that need to be undisturbed. The pool and/or spa will be staked out prior to excavation.
2. Excavation – The pool/spa is excavated as close to finish shape as possible. Benches, stairs, swim-outs and shelf’s will be carved into the ground. When excavation is complete the pool will look very close to what the pool will look like after shotcrete is applied. All plumbing trenches will be excavated along with rough grades for decking. All excavated material is trucked from site.
3. Forming – Forming is the next step in this process. Forms are put up around the pool/spa to maintain the shape and allow a backing for the shotcrete to be applied against. Forming is typically done with 2×4’s and plywood.
4. Plumbing – The plumbing is installed next. All water feature and circulation lines will be plumbed into the pool and ran to the equipment pad. After all plumbing is completed the entire system is tied together and pressurized to ensure an air tight system. The light niche’s and rough electrical is also done with the plumbing stage.
5. Rebar – Rebar is then tied into the pool. The rebar is tied to Engineered specifications.
Shotcrete – Shotcrete day is an exciting day for our clients. The shotcrete is pumped into the pool and is applied to the walls first. After the walls are cut the floor is shot next. At the end of the day the pool/spa looks like the approved plans and it feels like you have a swimming pool.
Cover Tracks – The cover tracks are installed next. These get screwed down to the top of the shotcrete shell. The cover tracks hold the inside form for the coping to be poured.
Coping – The coping is poured next. The coping is the cap that goes directly on top of the shotcrete shell. If the customer has chosen a poured concrete coping it is formed and poured. There is also the option for stone, pre-cast stone and paver coping. If these are chosen they are cut and installed on top of the shell.
Decking – After coping the decking is installed. The most common decking is colored concrete but there are paver and stone options that are available.
Tile – The waterline and trim tile is installed. The waterline tile is a 6″ band that installed just underneath the coping. The waterline tile does serve a purpose other than aesthetics. It is actually there so the plaster is always completely submerged in water. It is not good for plaster to be out of the water for more than 7 days straight. The trim tile is applied to the edge of stairs and benches. This helps you see the stairs and benches and prevents swimming into them or tripping into deeper water.
Equipment – The pool/spa equipment is installed at the equipment pad. All electrical and gas connections are made and the equipment is ready for operation.
Plaster – You are close to swimming! Plaster is the finish coat that is applied to the shotcrete shell. Plaster is what makes your pool look beautiful. It is a mixture of white sand and crushed marble. The typical plaster finish is colored. There are several different types of plaster upgrades that the customer will be offered. After the plaster is finished we start filling the pool within hours.
Pool Cover – If you purchased an automatic cover the cover will be installed once the pool is filled with water. Your project is complete!